Our Form of Commitment:
Fr. John professing his first vows


As a community of contemporary friars, we strive and seek to express the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience in new, contemporary terms of... Serving, Loving and Listening. The friars also make a fourth vow of Self-Sufficiency.

POVERTY: Our vow of Poverty (Serving & Availability) is not concerned with the material possessions or the amount of money one holds, but in serving others, like Jesus in the gospels.

What renders a friar poor, is surrendering his availability of time, and giving freely of it as a priority to the sick poor without reservation in service and ministry.

CHASTITY: Our vow of chastity (Loving), calls us to a life of celibate loving, having Jesus as our focus and primary relationship.

This intimate relationship with Christ renders us available, which frees and compels us to reach out and to love others.

As celibate and chaste friars, we exclude no one from our ministry and way of life.

We are compelled to respond openly to the needs of the sick-poor and marginalized with spiritual fervor, and abandon.

"They will know we are Friars of the Sick Poor ... by the way we love one another"
His Excellency Archbishop Jose H. Gomez
OBEDIENCE: As consecrated individuals, each friar makes a vow of obedience (Listening) to the Minister General of the Institute and to the Archbishop of Los Angeles and his successors.  As friars in community, our obedience is also listening to and hearing the word of God and the Spirit in community and responding to it.


Each friar takes on the responsibility for the life and decisions that effect the community. All decisions affecting the community are made collegially through consensus when the friars gather at their Annual General Chapter in the Fall.

Bro. Manny prostrates himself during the singing of the Litany of the Saints at his Perpetual Profession of Vows.
Bro. Manny during the Litany of Saints at his Perpetual Profession of vows
SELF SUFFICIENCY:  Unique to the Friars of the Sick Poor, our vow of Self Sufficiency is explained in the following terms. As a community of contemporary friars, each friar is responsible for his own finances, experiencing the day to day difficulties of financial management and stewardship, much like the sick poor and marginalized we minister to.

We are contemporary friars in the mendicant tradition, securing our own employment and sustenance in accordance with our Statutes and Directives.

We "live in the midst of the world",working and ministering among the sick-poor and marginalized that we have committed ourselves to serve.

Each friar in consultation with the Minister General chooses his own apostolate according to our Statutes and his time, temperament, training and vocational charism.

Bro. Manuel John Martinez, fsp, signing his vow instrument - document.  The Friars gather annually on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to renew their vows out of Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Deacon Manny Martinez, fsp, receiving blessed ashes from Archbishop Gomez.
Father John Sigler, fsp, celebrating a Community Mass