Mission Statement:

Bro. Richard Hirbe,fsp, Founder - Minister General, presents FSP Statutes to Pope St. John Paul II
Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles (f.s.p.)
A Public Association of Consecrated Life in view of being erected a Secular Institute of Diocesan Right in the future

The Mission and the Vision of the Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles is to give themselves to God in the service of the sick-poor and marginalized, who they have received in God's name.  Christ and the Gospel are the Rule and Way of Life for the Friars.

The sick-poor and marginalized mirror to the friars the image of Christ and likewise, the friars are to mirror to those they minister to the compassionate Christ of the Gospel.  The Friars assist the sick-poor to find meaning in their suffering and sickness as being redemptive, inviting them to a fuller life within the Church. 

To follow Christ more closely and to carry on the work of the Church, the
Friars of the Sick Poor choose to live totally and radically as contemporary friars the Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.  The Friars take a fourth vow, to be Self-Sufficient, rendering them available for the service of Christ in solidarity with the sick-poor, which is the end goal of their religious commitment. 

Each Friar personally confirms the total surrendering of self to this Mission, by professing perpetual vows with the intention of: "Being ever ready to tell the reason for your hope".                                                                             

The Friars are to find Christ and contemplate him day and night in the heart, breath and life of the sick-poor, under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Institute. If our Mission speaks to you... if it "tugs at your heart", get in touch with us.... and we'll arrange for a visit to answer all your questions. 
       "The harvest is great... the laborers are few.   Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his field"


"If I am never going to walk... Then teach me how to fly..."
"I vow to live a life of poverty, chastity, obedience and self-suficiency in service to the sick poor all the days of my life"