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Bro. Richard & Fr. John Mary...The Formation Team consists of all the friars participating in the journey with you.
We are in search of men who possess the desire to serve those that are in the greatest need... the sick poor and marginalized.  We seek men who have a Christ centered spirit within themselves and wish to express their Catholic faith in contemporary and various ways.

We seek dedicated men who will give of themselves entirely in love through service as a Friar of the Sick Poor, remaining always faithful to a life-long gospel centered religious commitment. Men of all ages who want to consider themselves as ...  "sons of Mary - Our Lady of Guadalupe".

If you believe you have this desire and would like to share it with others, and would like more information, just call or e-mail us. There's no obligation, except for the telephone call, so if you are "Ever ready to them the reason for your hope"  please feel free to call us @  562 822-6499  or  e-mail us @

Br. Richard Hirbe, fsp 

Founder - Minister General
Vocational Inquiry

Mass for Vocations - Fr.John Mary and Bro. James Joseph and all the friars remember your vocational journey in our prayers daily.